Survey Reveals 84% of US Gamers Haven’t Tried Blockchain Games

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A recent survey found that nearly 80% of gamers in the United States have never heard of or played blockchain video games.

According to a poll conducted by, most gamers in the U.S. remain unaware of blockchain games, including their features and potential benefits. 52% of the participants have never heard of blockchain games, and while 32% have heard of them but haven’t tried them.

Gaming Community Lack Awareness of Blockchain Games

The survey, which included 2,000 adult gamers, revealed that while blockchain games offer features like reselling in-game purchases, many gamers have yet to explore these options.

The survey revealed that 63% of respondents believe they should receive refunds for in-game purchases if a game is shut down, while 34% think players should vote on such decisions. Blockchain games already offer these features.

The statement suggested that in 2023, over 60 games and 11 game studios shut down, leaving gamers without compensation for their in-game purchases. Gamers are seeking solutions to these issues, which blockchain gaming can provide.

The study also showed that gamers invest significantly in virtual items, spending an average of $6,425.13 over their lifetime. The survey found that the average gamer would spend $8.74 per month on in-game resources, weapons, and extra lives.

Unstoppable Games Introduces Staknet-based Game

A statement shared with indicated that the study was commissioned by the game developer Unstoppable Games to highlight the launch of Influence, its new Starknet-based game.

“Having the ability to re-sell items purchased in-game and make some money back are among the top changes that those polled believe would improve gaming as it is today,” said Unstoppable Games founder and CEO Chris Lexmond.

“We need to get better as an industry in explaining that onchain games such as Influence can, and already do offer these services to gamers and convince gamers to try them out and lean into the blockchain gaming experience,” said Lexmond.

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